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Baking Tools | Инструменти за печене

Healthy Sourdough Baking | Здравословни тестени изделия с квас
Baking Tools

You don’t need any fancy tools to make sourdough bread.

If you have a sourdough starter and some kind of cooking vessel on hand, you can begin baking. This sourdough focaccia dish, for instance, requires nothing more than a sourdough starter as well as a 9 × 13-inch baking vessel or something similar.

If you find yourself, however, really getting into sourdough baking, as well as if, specifically, you desire a crusty boule, you might want to grab a few even more items of gear.

Here are the tools as well as ingredients I locate essential for sourdough bread baking.

• Bolls (metal, wood, glass or plastic).

• Jar

  • Еlectronic kitchen scale
  • sieve for sifting the flour
  • razor blade for basic and decorative cuts of the dough before baking
  • Wooden Spoon(s)

• Rubber Spatula

• Spatula/Metal cutter …

• rattan baskets for rising the dough

  • Pastry Brush

• Rolling Pin

  • baking dishes
  • grid for cooling the finished bread
  • Купи (метални, дървени, стъклени или пластмасови).
    • Буркан
  • Електронна кухненска везна
  • сито за пресяване на брашното
  • бръснарско ножче за основни и декоративни разрези на тестото преди печене
  • Дървена лъжица
    • Гумена шпатула
    • Шпатула / метална
    • ратанови кошнички за втасване на тестото
  • Четка за сладкиши
    • Точилка
  • съдове за печене
  • решетка за охлаждане на вече готовото печиво